Not a Fable by  Alexis Iparraguirre

at Seedings

I also translate, edit, and proofread legal, scholarly, technical, and promotional documents from Castilian Spanish and Catalan.

Please contact me for rates, availability, or samples.

nine days in the lives  of Traviesa writers

Albedo by Alexis Iparraguirre

at Palabras Errantes

poems by Luis Chaves

at Loaded Bicycle  & Sand

Wendolin Kramer

by Laura Fernández

Open Road Media, 2013

The Errant Astrologers

by Felipe Benítez Reyes

Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013

poems by Laura Campmany

at Asymptote

The Life and Memoirs of Dr. Pi

by Edgar Bayley

Clockroot Books, 2010

poems by James Tate

in Spanish at 0,9

Literary translations