My Cadastre – Uljana Wolf 

translated by Nathaniel Otting

A bilingual, bi-inkal study of land inhabited by progenitors in Wolf’s careful verse, translated from the German and printed on Lettra with red tissue. I hardly know you!

20pp | 4¼" x 5¼" | edition of 200 | $20


Ice Cream Amnesia

Manny Karkowsky

A tale of consequence involving cones, scoops, and sex you’ll never forget. Printed on your favorite flavor of Wausau Exact, and hand-bound .

16pp | 4" x 3" | edition of 104 | $25

Say It Is Summer

Emily Hunt

A totally hot poem for all seasons, printed in blue, mounted on gloss, and signed by the poet.

4" x 5½" | edition of 65 | $10

Soft Palate

Bridget Talone

An excerpt from the poem of the same name, where the visceral becomes sublime. Printed on Lettra by Nor By with the Wendy’s Subway team. All proceeds go to Wendy's!!

5½" x 8½" | edition of 100 | $15  

The Weeks of 2009

it still holds up!

The original rendering of the Weeks idea, which you can read about extensively here, since you can hardly read it in 8pt Copperplate Gothic!

4" x 4" | edition of 75 | $10 

​​Drying Off

Noah Gershman

Gershman goes inside the mind of a character he made up. And why shouldn’t he.

3½" x 5" | edition of 65 | $10

Upon Waking After

Reading Walser -- Peter Gizzi

An homage to the inimitable Walser, printed in two inks and signed by the praiseworthy himself Gizzi.

4¾" x 4¾" | edition of 65 | $20

My Own Chair

Jono Tosch

A sitting meditation crafted and signed by chairmaster and spoon extraordinaire Jono Tosch.

5" x 3½" | edition of 100 | $10

Tiger Goes to the Dogs

Selah Saterstrom

Canonical canine prose inflected with great human tragedy. Printed on Strathmore (just the cover is letterpressed tho), hand-stitched, marble-tissued, and dog-faced.

26pp | 3½” x 3½” | edition of 150 | $15

Fake Haiku

Stacey Tran

The number of syllables alone will leave you speechless. Printed on Lettra, hand-bound, and produced in collaboration with Wendy’s Subway.

16pp | 4" x 3½" | edition of 100 | $15

Letterpress editions available from the tiny printing operation Nor By Press


Heather Christle

A greeting-card broadside involving chickens and rustic hysteria at its very best. Printed on BFK Arches, and hand-scored to stand up on its own and most definitely over time.

3¾" x 3¼" | edition of 100 | $15


Anjali Khosla

Phantasmic and heartwrought haiku for modern times. Printed on Neenah, hand-bound, and produced in collaboration with Wendy’s Subway.

30pp | 3½" x 4" | edition of 65 | $15