Hyperlinks to some journals where my poems can be found

​​Pouch (issue 8)

Faber & Faber podcast (audio!) (episode 3)

Snacks Quarterly (vol. 1 issue 2) (jokes)

The Quietus (feb. 2014)

The Learned Pig (jan. 2014)

Fanzine (oct. 2013)

Similar Peaks (oct. 2013)

Tender (issue 1)

jubilat (no. 15no. 23)

Clinic (iii)

Action Yes (issue 17)

​Toad (issue 12)

The Rialto (no. 69)

Stop Sharpening Your Knives (nos. 4 & 5)

Sink Review (no. 5)

New Ohio Review (no. 7)

Sixth Finch (winter 2009)

Here is also some fiction and non-:

The Birdlovers (Collagist no. 51)

The Red Sedan (H_NGM_N (no. 10)

a theory abt PJ Harvey for Poetry Crush (vol. 2)

& an essay about Gertrude Stein in Spanish for Norwich Papers (vol. 19)